12-14 June 2024, Wanha Satama, Helsinki

Are we doing the right things; Patrik Lassus

We Scandinavians share a lot. We share common history for a thousand year where land has been occupied by the neighbor for some centuries and after turmoil kings and armies have marched in the opposite direction. Despite and maybe because of it we have become united. And most remarkably Scandinavian countries have become friends.

We share common culture and same values. Scandinavia is seen as one when looking at from the other side of this globe. We also share similar health care systems. Health services are tax-paid and equal to all citizens. Which is not the case in most countries. We also regularly have health care collaboration over border.

However, Covid-pandemic, economic crisis and health care reforms are disrupting the delicate balance that we had obtained in our systems in Scandinavia. Public plastic surgery is lacking resources and administration is demanding savings in our budget. We haven’t started prioritizing but we have started to think that are we doing the right things with the money that we have. Since we share common health care systems this is something that should be discussed among us in Scandinavia. What should be covered by public health care? With our limited budgets, are we treating the right patients?

This is something I want to challenge you to think and argue. Let’s continue this discussion in Helsinki when we meet!