12-14 June 2024, Wanha Satama, Helsinki

The fastest growing industry – are we ready to take care of it; Heikki Kupi

The fastest growing industry is esthetic treatments, and part of it is esthetic plastic surgery. The world is changing in this field everywhere – in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and even here in Scandinavia. The main point is that we cannot rely solely on surgical interventions. The solution lies in a hybrid approach, incorporating both non-surgical and surgical treatments. As plastic surgeons, we must embrace this mindset.

The focus should be on finding the optimal solutions in esthetic plastic surgery treatments by combining various methods, both surgical and non-surgical. This approach should not only apply to esthetic procedures but also be adapted in reconstructive plastic surgery.

This shift will transform our practices in clinics and hospitals and will also necessitate changes in our education system for specialized doctors and legislation.”

Welcome to the new world of plastic surgery –  in Scaplas Helsinki.